The Yoruba Phenomenon Of Akudaayas.

According to the Yoruba people, an akudaaya is a supernatural being who journeys to a new place to start life again after being confirmed dead in .an old life previous

The Yorubas say this happens when someone dies untimely. They begin to roam the earth until they settle in a place far from where they lived when they were alive.

The akudaayas start to lead seemingly normal lives, never revealing themselves to anyone in their past lives except through dreams.

The existence of the akudaaya is usually terminated when someone who knew them in their former life discovers them.

When recognized, they simply relocate but leave traces of the lives they have led e.g. children they may have had.

Some say akudaayas used to congregate in a market in Ile-Ife at night. However, this has stopped as the trees in the area were felled due to modernization.

It is a key Yoruba belief and many accounts of people who died and went on to live elsewhere have been narrated orally for generations.

Do You Believe In The Existence Of Akudaayas?

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