Every young Nigerian always look forward for his/her own Saturday which is called wedding day.

I myself have been picturing how my Saturday would look like, when I will be leading my one & only God ordained Aduke to the altar, My Obim, the only woman that will be my woman of every hour, My bestie, My chief intercessor, My Aproko-mate, My Ijogbon partner, My defender, the only woman that will help me love & serve God more. The wife of my youth.

Oh… So fascinating


It is good to picture your future, but it is better to know who to feature in that future.

The word WEDDING is almost pronounced as the word WELDING.

Welding means – To bind together inseperably, to unite closely or intimately.

So many young folks prepare so much for wedding, with no preparation for marriage .

You must pay more attention preparing for marriage and not wedding.

Wedding is a ceremony, marriage is an institution.

Wedding is for a day, marriage is forever.

You can see a good future when you’re not yet married and not see that future come to pass after marriage.

Who you marry will either make or mar your future.

Relationship has alot to do with destination


Her beauty may attract you first, but her character should determine your stay in the relationship.

Any Christian girl that can’t pray for an hour, is not yet suitable for marriage.


You may firstly trip for his good look, but his leadership skills & fear of God should determine your stay in the relationship .

Any man that fears God, cannot introduce sex to you when you’re not yet married.

It is good to end a relationship a day to your wedding, than to end your marriage few years after the wedding.

Young folk, don’t be emotional when taking life decision!

Oluwatobi Owolabi





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