John Kayode is Dormant in his State

The executive governor of Ekiti state has not shown any visible capital project in Ekiti State.

Despite the fact that he is an elite and has been around the world, he never implemented any successful capital project since assuming that office. He displays the achievements of the Nigerian governors forum (NGF) neglecting the state he is governing.

According to ratings and reaseaches, Ekiti State is among the poorest states in Nigeria, JKF as an exposed governor who has been around the world and also the chairman of of NGF couldn’t fix the inappropriates in the state.

Ekiti state needs restructuring in terms of inviting business owners to invest in the state, the state lacks investors.

Even the then Peter Ayo Fayose (PAF) did one visible project which is the 1.3km overhead bridge.

Showing in his countenance, JKF had the idea of becoming the Vice Presidency or any National appointment slot in mind.

As an Ekiti indegene, we can only hold on to cheap projects like refurbishment of Technical Schools, renovating of Civics Centres and the likes.

At this time, Ekiti people need better, bigger projects, that will bring development to the state, but it saddens that none is accomplished yet.

What’s your opinion about Fayemi’s governance ?

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