Nigerians are cowards – Ibrahim Oladimeji

A residing citizen of Oyo state, who is also an Emeritus Ekiti State University Student Union’s president has shown his dissatisfaction on the ongoing killing of blacks.

He said, Nigerians should ask for the position of killings in their country first, rather than taking time to shun the killing of blacks in American.

In a phone discussion with Naija Exhibit, He said in a country of over 200million people, some heartless police officers still kills their fellow human being like fowls, forgetting the fact that they have family’s and relatives who will forever be in pain.

Several killings have been made by this police officers in our own Naija, and no justice have been recorded, its high time we take care of our home before extending our tentacles, He added.

Ibrahim said, “I have seen different protests and petitions from Nigerians based on George Floyd’s murder, but hardly will you see any Nigerian standing in or raising placards for this police assaulted Naija Victims,” Nigerians are just cowards.

He also stated Via his facebook page that,

“Everything happened here in Nigeria and not in America
Before you vent your anger on the death of a black man in America, ask yourself what has been your position on the killings in your country.
Americans both black and whites has unanimously display solidarity for the deceased and they shall continue to ask for justice till justice prevail.
Here in Nigeria you and I will always come online to show how brilliant and eloquent we are and that’s all.

Leave Americans alone, and face your own national issues
Justice won’t be served on Media
Everyone is a COWARD”.

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Ibrahim Oladimeji Facebook‘s post
Tina Ezekwe.
Mariam Shobukola

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