God Showed me Caskets Inside The Church – Evan Victor

An Evangelist named Victor Owolabi in Shao, Kwara has disclosed to Naija Exhibit that in 2015, God showed him several caskets in the church.

According to the man of God, He claimed God said to him that ‘Holy Spirits has been replaced by caskets in the church, there are no spirit of love, humanity and unity again, the devil is sitting in the hearts of the so call men of God of today, even the high ranked pastors, He added.

Evan Victor Owolabi who is an Ekiti indigence but resides and does his pastoral work in Shao, Kwara State said, to confirm that there are coffins in the church, whenever service is going on in any church, there are numerous number of people who choose to sleep off rather than listening to the word of God, those kind of people are trapped inside the devil’s Casket.

He added that, “the spiritual implication is a huge set back for anyone who choose to sleep while the sermon is going on, because at the time he/she is sleeping, the devil must have deposit some satanic droplets while he’s lying down lifeless in the coffin.

He also said, “I still can not phantom what to do as i ask God repeatedly to lead me in this quest to stop satan from tormenting people with his coffins”, He concluded.

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