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A deeper thought tells that “you are your value, and your value is you.”

All things in life are created to serve a specific purpose and those purpose depicts and screams their value.
The way a pen is created to serve a purpose is the same way mobile phones are created to serve its purpose too.

The absence of a thing (animate or inanimate) at a time where the need is greatly required tells it’s value.

All existence comes with VALUEs and distinctly ordered by priority, The prime concern giving to whoever or whatsoever crosses path tells how valuable they are. It would enable high placements and announce without much stress.

Also, it’ll continually speak for centuries and decades to come and be remembered by the latest generation, that’s how much volume it speaks.
It has to be concrete and placed on even mount Everest.

Your effectiveness in giving best to people and making sure all goes well and good is worth living and fighting for, cause that’s where your value lies.

Considering a bunch of keys meant to unlock a Toyota Camry, in the attempt to open the car, the key fell into a ditch.
The owner of the car wouldn’t leave it and move on cause he knows it only takes a step to get the keys back to serve it’s purpose.

Your value remains in you as long as you don’t settle for the less,
shoulders should be kept high and focus should be on serving the purpose it is created for, thereby telling a need for your need in all spheres.

Little can we say and push you if you ain’t working and passionate about becoming a person of value.

Being successful doesn’t equate Valuable, they hold two different positions. One can be successful and not valuable, but you can be valuable and successful at the same time.

Your focus should be placed on how you’re able to effect people’s life, This should be your goal,
It’s worth fighting for.

Have you thought of the value you hold in someone’s life? Taken time to imagine how clumsy all would be if you ain’t there? Take time to dwell on this.

Bishop David Abioye says, “You are important about how effective you live, not how long,” another wise man said “the value of life is not in it’s duration, but it’s Donation”.

I say to you that it’s high time you stopped watering things that were never meant to grow in your life. Shift your focus on how much value you wanna…!

Travel Faraway in the direction of your thinking!



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