Have you ever thought of the reason Micheal Jackson went so viral? It’s because he discovered his assignment and took it as his purpose, you can never retract fear of the unknown and Ignorance when purpose is discussed.
Your assignment is your purpose and calling, It is what keeps you moving till your last breath on Earth.
Have you discovered it yet? If No, let’s see how we can help ourselves in discovering our assignment.

Do you have an inner drive for something?, Is there something you do effortlessly?
Many of these musician sleep and wake up in music, not because they want it that way, but because it comes without stress.
Bruno might find catering easy, and Vincent finds talking easy.

Taking a renowned businessman into consideration, he took time to discover the business, dwelt on it, fought it through and lived on it.

Note: “It is never easy to see your purpose grow after discovering it”.

People will certainly run from you because you sound un-realistic about what you want to go into.

It’s of course a dark market seen by just the market sellers, which is ‘you’.
Make your purpose a visible vision, “A burning desire might be a pointer to your assignment”
It’s high time you stopped Leveraging and grooming yourself on other people dream, permit your existence, let it be Resourceful, make it a provider. Many await your shine! The greatest gift you can gift yourself is to walk the journey of discovering and attaining your assignment.

Your assignment can surely be what people do, but there is something in you that will make you unique.

Simi never sings like Tiwa, Oyedepo never preaches like Kumuyi, Taomaa never acts like Bukunmi, yet each personality have millions of fans who wants to see and hear them. The difference between you and these people is that they took their time to have a deep
research about themselves and proved that indeed, “assignment can always be fulfilled”.

All you need to have the assignment done is in you. “Let the inner energy out, allow it find it’s full expression and watch the space.”

In purpose discovery, there’s no stress if you do not rule out the place of GOD.
Money should never be your preceding focus. You need to understand that your efforts might not yield you money at first, you might not have the luck others had but have your mind fixed on this, “Your consistency will earn you tangible price”.

Let us be factual and direct, The road will be tough and rough.You’ll want to quit when the result is not favorable, especially when you do not get support from those you expect, when things surface this way, it’s a pointer that you will make a hill out of that thing you view as little. Realise your purpose is all about you. Agree with your assignment and push away discouragement.
Purpose chasing might be difficult without realization. One would easily back off if the foundation is not concrete.

Make your existence meaningful, Let it pull crowd, Have your mind fixed to enjoy the life you can see now before the one after death.

You too can fly that expensive airlines, televised, heard around the globe! All you need is to uncover the burning desire in you.

You shoukd never sit back and watch your destiny go bankrupt.

Invest into a lifetime business by discovering and living your purpose.

Take the step now.

  • Semilore

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  1. You’ve ignited the fire in us. This is a Fantastic one!
    The sky is your starting point! Well done ma’am. We desire for more………

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