Tosin Ajibare breaks silence on Ex-NDDC MD, Joy Nunieh, encourages people to rise and stand with her

The leader of Ekiti Youths Socio-political revolution, Tosin Ajibare breaks silence on Ex-NDDC MD, Joy Nunieh’s saga.

He wrote on his Facebook page,

“On the Road to Progress:
Strong Institutions;

To have strong institutions, what is required are established & set rules/laws (which we have), strong characters and “a public that is strongly committed to defending established values” – these are the parts that make up wholesome and strong institutions which now seem to have a life of their own.

It takes resignations and a group of people willing to go the whole nine yards to implant a new way of doing things.

Institutions are not buildings, they are me and you. Right now, what is the body language of the common people in the nine oil producing states that own NDDC, – Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo and Rivers – are they showing concerns about the level of corruption leveled against the leadership? Are they even interested? Do they care?

When next you think about why corruption persists & impunity reigns, always remember that we as a people are culpable.

We live in a cocoon of individuality as against communalism. Until we understand and accept that these things are our collective concern and not just that of politicians, we won’t move forward.

NDDC is not about Akpabio, Lady Joy, Gov Wike & the other Governors, it’s about the people.

In a sane society, the duty of rescuing Lady Joy from the police siege should not have solely rest on the shoulders of Gov Wike, it was the duty of the people, we must learn to stand up for what is right.

Just imagine if Wike had been an APC Governor, what would have happened yesterday.

Tosin Ajibare Gold.


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One thought on “Tosin Ajibare breaks silence on Ex-NDDC MD, Joy Nunieh, encourages people to rise and stand with her

  1. When God takes interest in a race, and want to redeem the institution from aged parasitic slave masters, He sends a Message through the Messenger. And we Know the Messenger by the Message he brings down to the people.
    This is the beginning; I mean the start of what has been hoped for long long time ago. The people have long awaited the time deliverance will come: and here we are; the Messenger with the Message is here. What I’m saying in essence is that, when the messenger comes, it take the holistic involvement of the people to effect the DEEDS OF (paradigm, revolutionary radical expedient, timely, lifetime,use any adjective use like) CHANGE.
    It is the people who can make it work. It is the people that can collectively, with sacrificial force effect the CHANGE they want. Enu ara eni la fi ñ ko mi o je (say no to what you can’t take any longer). You see, in his message, titled OUR DILEMMA, he said, “… You will all agree with me that our present situation is neither legitimate nor inevitable, despite this, we have continually adapted in the hope of future betterment or possitve change, we have continually looked for ways of improving the valuation of ourselves believing the problem lies within us, they said go to school, we did, they said the degree wasn’t go enough anymore, you need to have a master degree, we went for the masters, they said you have got it all wrong, you need to pick a trade, have a skill, we all were pissed off but still we picked up a trade. In all this, they still seem it fit to have continually raised tution fee and reduced education quality; explaining the need for more money away, we listened and paid.
    They offer a job for for 100 people; they sell 10,000 forms for 10,000 naira each. They sit comfortably, talk and debate about policies while our lives waste away. We too can envisage a CHANGE or OPTIONS, either to keep putting faith in the unfaithful or take charge of our lives.
    ” These devourers have their game plans and it is going to keep working for them until we stand firm as one entity and with unity take our back our lives from the hands of those who have no value for them!
    ” Not any more though! Enough is enough!”

    If, as a people, who have been long time ago subjugated and stripped of proper wellness realize that it is the overdue right time will rise and denounce our woes and peril, we will definitely have universal fortune force backing us up. God said He heard the cry of the torment and agony of pains and inhumane discomfort a people was reduced to. It displeased Him and sent a messenger. And when he came, the people got involved; one as participating people in the exodus out of situation of slavery, and two as respective servant-leader of the people in the movement.
    They say, when the head is sick; the whole body is unwell. Leadership should then be addressed when time like this arise, as we have now. Let us choose our leader to bring us the dream life of ours to reality: we all have our respective details.

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