Acting Managing Director of the NDDC, Daniel Pondei Slumps, battles with seizure during a public Hearing

Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Daniel Pondei, appeared fainting as the House of Representatives questioned him on Monday

The house of assembly on its fourth day of public hearing investigates allegedly misappropriate at the agency

pondei had been questioned for over an hour and he slowly slumped over his desk, appearing too faint.

The moment he was spotted, several people present at the hearing attempts to rescue and stabilise him, with the proceedings pulled over.

Few Minutes after, He then appeared to be in seizure with a man, trying to open his teeth and get him balanced, after he appeared to regain and loose composure, then moved out of the sesion.

The situation resulted in a new development as the session was adjouned for a 30-minutes recess

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