Mobile phones and Television are the most used Technology in the World during Lockdown

During this lockdown, Technology has played a vital role in the lives of people.

Without technology, life would have been boring and there is every possiblity that, there might be increase in the death rate due to the popular pandemic around the world, because without our Phones and Television, the whole world might seems living in the dark

Most used Technology around the world during the lockdown

According to research, the most used technology during this lockdown is the “Mobile Phone”,

So many people got addicted to their mobile phones, as government in different countries announced total lockdown, without the mobile phone life would have been very difficult and hard

More also, the fastest way to connect to viral information is through the mobile phones, as many people takes it easy reading news published online by National dailies and bloggers through their phones.

Many people made money through their phones and some lose money through the same phone.

It was easy connecting to one and other through the use of mobile phones, it was a wide generally used technology around the world, governments, religion activities, political activities, Social activities and any other we can think made use of their mobile phones while transmitting their services.

Another techology that is generally used throughout the whole word is the Television.

Elites, Middle-class and the poor have television in their various houses to keep children and families busy during the lockdown.

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  • Abiodun Oluwagbemi (Physics and Electronics)

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