By Olabamerun Oluwatise

Left broken, crushed, and helpless in the long cold night by the one I had always thought I could confide and rely on.

Tears streaming down my once ever glowing face which now depicts sadness and my innocent soul waiting for death to take it’s course. Oh! Could death get any closer!!

It’s been two days now but the nightmares keep coming, this sickening feeling has refused to leave. I was left vulnerable to a long term emotional trauma all because of that bulging tarse beneath your sinful thighs.

Who would believe you did it, the monster was a saint to the world, I couldn’t afford to stand the ‘one thousand and one’ accusing fingers that would blame me even in my innocence.

To satisfy your lustful desires, you burnt my beautiful heart and threw them in the ocean of sorrow. I lost the ability to value my own body in just one night; depression sets in at my tender age; my anger is undescribable, the guilt and shame, the stigma and trauma dragged into my soul in just one deadly drama has crushed me.

YET! To your frigging surprise I will rise, with that glint of hope glowing at the corner of my broken heart with which I would redeem my pride.

With every once of blood in my veins I will fight and overcome this deadly emotions in my heart and with my mended wings and my golden feets I would trample vigorously on you, because you did not take my body and consent with you.
OH RAPE! The only crime where the VICTIM becomes the ACCUSED.

RAPE is one of the most terrible crimes on Earth, and it happens every few minute. Almost every minute. The problem with groups dealing with rape is that we Educate women how to defend themselves.

What really needs to be done is teach Men not to rape.


#say_no_to_rape #say_no_to_rape_apology

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