Updates: Day 8, BBnaija 2020-Today’s gist.

There are a few moments more stressful for Big Brother Housemates than an Eviction Sunday Live Show. To be on camera and audience ready, the Housemates spent the day shaving and getting their hair done. Once the moment to chat to Ebuka came about, their nervousness could be seen in every interaction.

Upon finding out that there would be nobody headed home at the end of the Live Show, all the Housemates immediately relaxed and began to enjoy what they had left of their Sunday evening.

After the first live show, the lockdown housemates bared it all down.
Watch video here: https://youtu.be/bt0Ln9qJJm8

Now that her time as the Head of House was drawing to an end, Nengi used the evening to get to know a few of the Housemates she’s been avoiding due to her privilege. First, it was a chat with Prince that revealed she is guarded for good reason. The next person to enjoy the rare treat of her company was Ozo.  What started as a casual chat, grew into the pair spending the majority of the rest of the evening together and sharing more than they had with anyone else so far. Some moments raised an eyebrow like when Nengi mentioned her mother passing at 17 after earlier having said she lost her at age 15. Seems keeping her story straight isn’t the pretty ladies strong point.

The feeling of ease and relaxation also spilt over into the gentlemen’s conversations as Neo told Eric and Ozo that he had made no moves to pursue Vee, but still ended up in the situation he’s in. Ozo also let them know how he valued Dorathy as a friend but felt more attracted to Nengi.

When the time to go to bed came about the obvious bond that Ozo and Nengi had cemented with their extended conversation made it hard for them to leave each other. If there had been any doubt about the mutual attraction, a moment like this makes it disappear.

However, speaking on relationships in the house, Nengi told Wathoni that she has someone outside the house who has changed her life and would not disrespect him.

“In this house, it has to be friendship and nothing more than that. I told Ozo that I have someone I’m dating, he changed my life outside the house, so why would I come here and disrespect him, I’m not going to do that,” she said.

The housemates decided to spend the better part of their day doing nothing but calm their nerves with games…. Until a fight and penalty emanated. As penalty for their poor Thursday wager, all BBN housemates except Head of house and deputy, are hereby fined 10 BB Naira.

Watch video here : https://youtu.be/S1Hoy8P-WyQ

Some of the lockdown fight remain unresolved. Just as we all were questioning what Tolanibaj meant when she told Ebuka during the live show that she is still observing the game and staying in her shell while at it, she turned the whole narrative around today.

“You’re a weird bitch” with mental issues, I’ll be the one to check you this week,” Tolanibaj said to Kaisha during a card ‘donkey’ game. According to Tolanibaj, Kaisha pushed her while the Housemates were gathered in the Lounge to play a game of cards. While Kaisha defended herself by saying she didn’t do what she was accused of, Tolanibaj insisted on getting an apology.

It may seem as though Kaisha wasn’t ready to give Tolanibaj what was asked for and in just a matter of seconds, words were exchanged. The joke is in this case, Tolanibaj did most of the exchange.

Romance and all that mushy stuff:
Whether it be commenting on each other’s facial features, a cuddling session in bed or just all round laughter and blushing, these Lockdown couples aren’t scared of a good display of affection.
Watch video here: https://youtu.be/a_AmlJjDDTs

More so Ebuka announced a new twist in the Monday Head of House games brought about by Biggie in this Lockdown season. All Housemates, except Head of House and Deputy Head of House, will be up for Nomination and therefore possible Eviction each week. 

There will also be a Live Eviction by Housemates every Sunday in the coming weeks of the show. Housemates will each take turns to Nominate one of the bottom four Housemates with the lowest votes in the Diary Room. The Housemate who has the most Nominations will then be the one who gets Evicted. For the very first time in the show, Housemates will be the ones that choose who goes home!

In what seemed like a reassuring session between Neo and Vee, Neo tells her that he is ready to be a part of her story. He also further explained what it means to have someone he can trust in the House, while still putting his best foot forward in the game. Neo seals the ship! watch video here: https://youtu.be/4KOEE6Ulhk4

Finally, the time for a change in the HOH and Deputy comes, at first Laycon leads with 12point while Tolanibaj followed with six points. The game gets more interesting and challenging.

Lucy takes a shot at the title in which she holds a tie with Ozo and Neo and a roll of dice decides. Fortunately Lucy emerges Head of House for the week and she has selected Prince as her Deputy Head of House. Prince has accepted the role wholeheartedly and she urges all household to play their part in her inaugural address.

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