Updates: Day 18, BBNaija 2020- Today’s gist

The Housemates, determined to win this week’s Wager Challenge,  stayed through the night practicing for their music drama. With Trikytee being the producer and leader of this Task.

While rehearsing for their music drama rehearsal, Prince walked out on the rest of the Housemates and Ozo wasn’t having this and for the first time, Ozo was heard shouting at the top of his voice while expressing his disgust.

As Ozo lost his cool and started shouting, Prince kept his calm, so a fight was avoided. Trikytee being the leader of the music drama rehearsal, stepped in to control the situation. Luckily, this didn’t go on for long as Ozo was quick to reconcile and apologise to Prince and the House as per a peace-making HoH.

The Housemates have been feeling some pressure due to losing two Thursday Night Wagers, maybe the collective mood was due to the looming deadline tonight? The Housemates have worked so hard towards this week’s Task and even we are confident that they will do well. Regardless, there have been some amazing highs such as the epic win by Team Cornish Dawn yesterday who, with 89 points, scooped themselves a grand prize of two million Naira cash for the day! Not only that, but we also watched as Team KEBT rose to glory to win the Flutterwave Task and some prize goodies to gather their good spirits.

In the diaryroom, many Housemates alluded to the fact that they miss Lilo and her energy and calm. In particular, Tochi and Vee made mention that her nature is missing from the house. On the up-side, Housemates can feel that Eric is coming out of his shell and interacting with more people now.

The Housemates have also agreed that Ozo is a successful Head of House. Neo spoke at length about how upbeat the energy in the House is under the supervision of Ozo and Dorathy. Brighto and Dora made mention to how Ozo raised his voice at Prince which shocked everyone, and they both respect him for apologizing to Prince

Many of the Housemates say they do not see any new alliances in the House. Though the Housemates are feeling the heat of the evictions, they do not seem to have any new alliances, but rather that the old alliances are getting weaker according to Vee

It seems that Housemates were mostly brought together by the process of the teamwork, with the exception of Lucy and Wathoni who were withdrawn. With a lot of fights and love triangles going on in the house, one can only say the dynamics are changing and it is clear that the evictions shook things up in Biggies House.

Erica tells Kiddwaya that she needs to keep her head in the game and the two of them agree to be friends. Their romance was quick and very eventful. Even though their attraction was as visible and vibrant, there always seemed to be something authentic missing. Just few days after their first kiss Erica decided that their fun had run its course and pulled the plug off the ship, turning it into a friendship.

Prince confides in Wathoni that he feels that he has no strong bonds in the House. Later on the Housemates discuss what are the signs of a pregnancy and what they think Biggie would do if one happened in the Big Brother House.

The housemates have been working very hard for their task tonight. Vee has had the chance to show her voice off and music direct the whole show.

We look forward to tonight where the Housemates work on their collective task and show Biggie what they’ve got. 

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