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Yesterday night, the Housemates celebrated their first Wager win, while old flames were reignited, and new entanglements were birthed. As a reward for outstanding performance during the Wager Task, the HoH was given the fridge so the Housemates could celebrate with their favourite brand of alcohol. But that wasn’t exactly the interesting part.

Things turned sour briefly when Dora realised Ozo had the key but he was hesitant to open the fridge because he was waiting for a certain someone. That certain someone happened to be Nengi who was still in the kitchen. An upset Dorathy wasn’t even willing to hang out with the rest of the Housemates when the fridge was open until Ozo came to placate her.

 Laycon has been in a phase since he opted for letting Erica be to ease the hurt. Last night while the Lockdown geng were celebrating their first wager win in the Garden, Erica and Kiddwaya were completely lost in their own world as they passionately shared a kiss. In the middle of all this mushiness was Laycon who clearly didn’t feel comfortable and walked out of the love scene after a while. 

Following the public kiss episode, Laycon had a conversation with Erica this morning, where he told her that she doesn’t have to feel bad whenever he reacts to anything she and Kiddwaya does. “Do whatever you want, it’s all good,” he said to her. Erica who seemed tired of the back and forth between them just nodded and went back to bed.

Nengi spoke to Kiddwaya about her current relationship with the guys in the House and Kiddwaya and how this has caused a strain in her friendship with some of the ladies. “If I were you, I’d keep flirting with all the guys to keep them on their toes,” Kiddwaya said, then gave his two cents on how to keep the attention on her and keeping the Lockdown men on her side. 

Tolanibaj and Vee had a conversation where they spoke about almost every ship in the House. Tolanibaj spoke to Vee about Prince and Nengi, stating that she questioned Prince on his constant sharing of meals with Nengi. In this same conversation, Vee chipped in saying she’s worried about Erica because Kiddwaya being a natural flirt, will hurt her. 

While this was happening, Wathoni was caught lying flat on Neo on the Garden hammock. Of course, this did not sit well with Vee and she did not fail to point it out to Tolanibaj. “How do you lay on someone’s crotch when you know that he has a girl,” she said.

Tolanibaj and Prince discussed their current situationship and a possibility of a new ship. Tolanibaj sets her ground rules and Prince promises to abide by them.

As part of their Friday tradition, the Lockdown Housemates played the Betway Sports Trivia. Determined for a win, the Head of House and his Deputy divided the House into equal teams and carefully selected who they thought was a best fit for this game.

A board with numbered cards was placed in the garden. In total, there were 30 questions… and the answer to each question was written directly under the cards bearing the questions. Each group had the opportunity to answer 15 questions each.

After what seemed like a long round of back and forth sports questions, the Housemates collated the scores and it was a tie between team white and black.

Tonight the lockdown geng had their Betway Arena game challenge and it was fun. Ozo went last and took the winning position, he is not just an HoH but a Betway Arena games challenge winner!!

This Season seems to be heavy on love and ships and while some are typically forming strong bonds with the other Housemates to save themselves from being on their black books during Eviction, others are gradually adapting to Biggie’s new twists. The fear of Eviction, they say, is the beginning of new strategies

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