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A child is a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority. That is, A baby who is still a responsibility for his or her parents.

While ‘’Academical’’ is gotten from the word ‘Academic’; which have to do with learning . That is, connecting to education especially studying in schools -secondary schools, universities etc.

There are many ways children respond to learning or learn but the major focus of this write up is on children who are being hold culpable to their academic inappropriate or expected performance .Therefore, facing the punishment as a way to discipline the child with or no veracious study of the child’s learning abilities,

In order word, to tackle, cope and accommodate the child’s learning ability and its effects to the child’s response to academical learning. Yes, Every child has his or her learning abilities and it should therefore not come as a surprise to us parents and the society at large.

What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a learning disability which a person finds it difficult to read and write . Einstein Albert who is a great scientific philosopher also suffers from dyslexia but custodian were able recognize on time and he was sent to Swiss school base on creative , visual method.

This is to tell us that if dyslexia kids are recognized on time and care is being taken in their learning, They are inventors and intellectually inclined to do great things in the society.

Alberts teacher labelled him’good for nothing‘ and taught nothing good will could come out from him, because his learning disability is -poor facility for arithmetic and great difficulty with foreign languages. Most teachers label a child as dumb or weak without proper research on the child’s learning ability.

Einstein was born on the 14th March 1879-18 died April 1955. A theoretical physicist . his popular quote was‘’imagination is more important than knowledge,knowledge is limited,imagination encircles the world’’ .

There are so many Einsteins in our world today in which their society have given up on them

We need our perspective towards kids who are not doing well in their academic due to the fact that they are not given proper academical environment to enhance their imaginary skills, therefore label, tag or look down on them is not the best, let us treat them with love and encourage them to always do better.

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