World of Art with Bukola Tanimowo

Bukola Elizabeth Tanimowo is a graduate of funaab and an artist who believes she has a colorful personality, lovable, reliable and fun to be with due to her creativity.

She is a lover of art, nature and beautiful things, a talented creative artist and also a painter.
It was gathered that she had a skill she has developed over the years and always proud of.

Elizabeth also loves excitement and entertainment, bringing the best out of people with her skills gives her joy.

When asked what her social circle is, she said “I just love to be around people that motivate me, encourage and make me see the better version of my self and the best in the world. I love anything that brings me out of this life and people that make things beautiful”

Bukola said she loved painting since she was a child, she discovered that she was always the best in art in her primary school. She decided to learn Art majorly in 2017 after realizing she could do more with art and showcase her skills.

The journey of being an artist has been a very interesting and amazing one for her ever since she learnt more, she has been making money out of her painting since then till now.

She added that, “been a lady, it was a bonus for me in my skills as people are thrilled to see my drawings and they always encourage me to do my best.”

Obviously there were challenges along the line, materials used for the art works are mostly imported, she couldn’t get materials at a snap, improvising with a local materials are mostly the option left

With great encouragement and motivation from her family and her friends, the journey had been more interesting, She said “my family always liked to show me off, being the only artist in the family which is a rare thing, I get alot of compliments and accolades from my friends too.”

Elizabeth urged all upcoming artist and painters, especially females not to give up on their dreams as the journey is going to be somehow slow and not easy, being an artist is a big life and in the end they are going to love the outcome.

Here are some of her artworks

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