Updates: Day 28, BBNaija 2020 – Today’s gist

After partying for hours yesterday night, the Housemates returned to the House to immediately storm the kitchen to whip up meals. All that dancing and grooving must have consumed a lot of energy and it was only fair they replenish all they had lost on the dance floor with some delicacies even though we were expecting them to whip up drama instead as usual. Here is a short recap of the turn up in the house.

An excited Nengi was pleased to announce to Ozo announced that she had settled all her differences with Kaisha and made peace. 

Today we also witnessed a Tiff between Vee and Neo and as time moves on we were told Neo’s side of the story. He feels that Vee has been unfair towards him particularly when he was sick and needed to eat, he caught flack from Vee for eating without him. From Vee’s side, what we have heard so far is that  Neo was disrespectful in telling her to ‘Fuck off!’ in public, she also told Neo in no uncertain terms that if he does that to her in public again, she would ‘Call it off’. Neo maintained that he tried to maintain peace with Vee in multiple ways,  bending over backwards for her much for her every day.

When Neo and Vee tried to talk about the fight that happened between them yesterday, it turned into a fight in itself. Thereafter, Neo seeks the advice of the Housemates.

When we are going through ‘ships’ it is only natural to go through ups and downs. Neo  told Kiddwaya and Laycon what’s going on with him and Vee and the guys give him advice.

As soon as the words had been exchanged between the two outside the salon, Neo made his way to the changing rooms where he found Ozo and retold the story. Ozo said that Neo should be the bigger man, after agreeing with Neo that she was definitely in the wrong. 

Through the day, Vee had multiple discussions with many of the girls, who eventually convinced her to extend an olive branch. Which she did by leaving a note for Neo while he slept, with their help. 

The two seemed to make up as when Neo went into his Diary Session, he requested something special for Vee’s birthday in the form of a card and some flowers. 

Trikytee, Kaisha and Neo discuss what bad is and Kaisha tells the guys that she is a good girl, but can she can be bad for somebody, bad bad. The guys concur.

Love in the House is alive and well. Ozo tells Nengi he loves her and describes why he finds her attractive, leading Nengi to tell him that he is officially brother zoned. Meanwhile, some Housemates discuss Laycon and Erica and Wathoni and Brighto.

Laycon and Dorathy catch up over a game of table tennis as they talk about feelings. He tells her that she would be his favourite Housemate if he was out of the House, followed by Kiddwaya and Neo.

As usual tonight eviction show was graced with Ebuka and his hot attire. But before then, Biggie sounded a note of his final warning to Nengi and Kaisha as they were close to violating one of the house code of conducts.

He called the Housemates to order this evening as it seems they are disregarding his rules. This week three big fights took place in the House earning the ladies involved warnings. The biggest fight took place between Nengi and Kaisha, earning the pair a final warning.

The bottom four housemates up for eviction tonight we’re Trickytee, Kaisha, Wathoni and Neo. Fortunately or unfortunately, only one person was going to leave tonight.

Kaisha however ended up the fifth housemate to leave the big brother naija show tonight. She said she was not surprised she got voted out.

When asked of she what she thought about  Neo, she said she liked him and would have crashed his ship with Vee.

Neo with his talk with Ebuka said he believed the housemates were not showing their true colors, and he was ready to play along.

Let’s hope to enjoy another week with the lockdown geng. Stay tuned

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