Day 40: A night of reconciliations – BBnaija 2020

After the Wager presentation, the House was filled with resolutions and recalling of events in the House. Neo and Vee decided to take another step in the ship, Wathoni, and Prince make up While Biggie pardons the whole house.

During the wager task presentationq, Wathoni gave an emotional speech about her son being her hero and after the Task, Vee and Neo were cuddled up on the couch talking about how Wathoni makes them want to have a baby.

Neo brought up this conversation after planting some kisses on Vee’s lips and Vee replied telling him that Wathoni makes her want to have a baby too, but they’ll have to get married first. So, does this mean we’re having a BB Naija wedding soon? Biggie, are you ready?

Prior to this discussion between the couple, Vee and Neo had yet another fight about food. The amount of fights these two have had over food sha, if it’s not semo, it’s poundo potato lol. Apparently, earlier today, the food fight lasted all evening and they didn’t get to settle their differences until after the Wager Task presentation, when Neo walked up to Vee and kissed her.

“I hear that we often fight about food,” Vee tells him as they cuddle on the couch. Then they go on to talk about how sharing food should or should not be normalized in their relationship.

While Vee believed Neo ought to ask first before touching her foo, Neo was of the opinion that being an item means they should be open to sharing things together. “It makes me happy to share things with you,” he told her and she replied saying, “It makes me happy to share with you too but not every time”

Minutes after they settled their hundredth food fight in the House, Vee and Neo happily ate a meal of semo for dinner.

Yesterday, it looked as if Tolanibaj and Prince might have been wanting to take a break, but not anylonger. They both had a discuss on taking things slow in their relationship. Tolanibaj still has this feeling that Prince doesn’t like her as much as she would want him to, or perhaps, he just sucks at showing his feelings towards her.

In the Garden, Wathoni and Prince talked about his entanglement in the House and the commotion it caused amongst the ladies involved. He then went ahead to tell her that he never chose anyone from the beginning, just as he explained to Ebuka on Sunday. He said Tolanibaj thinks he’s too stuck up and serious and he blames this on how he grew up.

When asked about his current situation with Nengi, Prince said she hasn’t spoken to him in a while and she has been avoiding him intentionally and even ignoring him sometimes. “Even during the games in the Arena, when I’m doing well and other Housemates are cheering me on, I always look at her and she gives no reaction,” he added.

Remeber when Biggie punished the housemates last week for their failure to adhere to his rules and stopped providing hot water? Well, it may seem as though Biggie has forgiven his guests as he made the announcement after the Wager presentation.

Who would have thought that we would be hearing the sentence, “Housemates, hot water is now available” this soon?

Could it be because Biggie forgave the Housemates after they chorused an apology during the Wager Task presentation, or maybe it’s a sign that he was impressed by their emotional performance and rewarded them with a hot bath to calm their nerves tonight.

A reconciliation between Neo and Vee, Prince and Wathoni and Biggie and the Housemates all in one night? It couldn’t have gotten any better for the Lockdown geng.

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