Mister DoubleSpeak

Armored tanks rolled 
To pin and to hold 
Strategic strongholds,
Honour lost its hold,
Dog ate dog, we were told;
Fellow countrymen ...
A call full of sentiments,
Laced with noble intents,
Was the mantra of military coups;
Doublespeak,grandson of Jackboot,
Smartly gave us the boot
From civil rule,
Without a hoot;
Miserable country folks are we,
From a nation puffed up
And tossed up a tower
Of hope gone sour;
Our resources plundered,
Each military regime a blunder.

Doublespeak, Doublespeak,
Would hoist us double quick
To the peak,
He smiled and smiled,
He pulled us a while
Through insoluble maze
Of economic craze,
The more he borrowed,
The more we sorrowed,
In our debt burrow,
Be careful folks,
Watch the deft strokes
Of a master dribbler,
An off-pitch maradona;
Promises and more promises,
To kill and uproot,
Trunk and taproot,
Trees of corruption,
Lost steam and propultion;
Like unending monsoon rain,
Made he again and again,
Promises and more promises,
Of democratic rule,
With comforting platitudes,
He shoved us a little to the right,
He shoved us a little to the left,
Our political class,
He gave a coup-de-grace.


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