Com Tosin Ajibare reveals why the country is not moving forward, Admonishes the masses to take responsibility.

The leader of Ekiti youth socio-political revolution, Tosin Ajibare admonished why the country is not moving forward and also pointed that the ruling party has a way of blackmailing any opposition leader that leads a protest against them.

The young PDP leader who had earlier said “it has always been an African way to call on ancestors for help” encouraged the people to stand for themselves and be superman instead of waiting for a savior.

He wrote on his Facebook wall



To those asking PDP and Political leaders to come and lead a protest, let me just clear your eyes once and for all.

Political parties and politicians only think and act on the next election, they don’t fight negative policies to a standstill, highest is to do a press release and condemn it in strongest terms.

You know why?

  1. The ruling party has a way of blackmailing any opposition leader that leads a protest, especially those that contested the Election with them. The yarn is that he or she is doing it because he/she lost the election and out of bad blood. if he had won, will he want a protest led against him bla bla bla. if you looking for reference, “Sowore” #RevolutionNow
  2. Negative policies of the ruling administration are materials for campaign for the opposition, It will be used to campaign against APC when it’s election time but in between now and then, if you depend on political parties and their leaders to lead a life changing protest, OYO lo wa, (you are on your own).
  3. Each party wants to be the one to fix Nigeria, each party wants the trophy for a particular achievement. I for one think this is one of the reasons we are not moving forward.
  4. I won’t tell you today….,

with those three I hope I have been able to clear your eyes that everything depends on the people, the masses, no saviour is coming from any flag, we have to be our own superman.

God bless y’all


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