Evangelist restricted from conducting crusade by Church leaders says they want him to extort money from members (Video)

A young evangelist, Victor Ebenizer in a local CAC church in Sao, Kwara State is under threats and restrained from evangelizing by the church’s Zonal coordinators.

In a video which has gone viral on the internet, the secretary of the CAC Olorunsogo zonal headquarter, Kulende Estate Ilorin, Kwara state, Pastor Atunwa has allegedly restrained a young evangelist from preaching the gospel and evangelizing in the town.

It was observed in the video that the young evangelist did not dance to their tune as he said repeatedly that they want him to organize a program in the church, extort money from people and share at a percentage of 70 to 30.

In the short video clip, the zonal secretary said “Honestly speaking, we are at Shao and this program will not hold, you can go to your hometown to hold the program.”

While the pastor was furious and speaking, the young Evangelist was seen calm and listening patiently to the man of God.

However, the young evangelist highlighted his own point of view and said “some people called me, they said we should do it 70/30 and God of babalola said I should not and not to do business in the church and I asked elderly people what the meaning of 70/30 is, they told me the meaning of that word 70/30 is to extort money from people, I should organize a program, extort money from people, give the leadership of the church 70% and hold 30% to myself, and ever since i have been doing crusade i have never stayed in a place where they collect money.”

In the short video, which captured the King of Shao and other unidentified people.

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