Popular Nollywood Actor, Omogoriola Becomes Oba In Yoruba Land

Omogoriola Hassan, a well-known Nollywood actor and movie producer, is now an Oba.

Omogoriola has been crowned as the Oba of Uba land, Imobi Kingdom.

The actor, who was previously installed as an Oba-elect of the land, was crowned after the oracle of the land confirmed him as the chosen one.

The actor took to his official Instagram handle to share the news alongside a video capturing the moment the King makers of the land made an Ifa consultation to ascertain if he was the chosen one.

“The office of an Ọba in Yoruba land is an hereditary office that is maintained by Royal families,” he wrote.

He went on to explain, “But in order to be the one that is confirmed as an Ọba the chief priest and the town elders would perform an IFA consultation to confirm if they have the right person because many use influence and money to attain this sacred office.”

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