Man removes pants to poo in middle of shopping centre

A man was filmed removing his trousers and pants and pooing into a plastic bag in the middle of a shopping centre.

The incident happened at around 4pm on Tuesday, June 28, at VivoCity shopping centre in Singapore.

As me and my friends were walking around in VivoCity, the mall, we saw this man talking a dump in the open and leaving it there in a plastic bag for someone to clean it,” Aki, the man who filmed it, wrote as he shared the video.

The man was later spotted walking around holding food as if nothing had happened.

“After he left the scene, he was acting pretty normally,” Aki said.

He was holding a pack of doughnuts and walked around the mall. We saw him again just walking around the mall.”

The restaurant where the man pooed said they were not aware of the incident.

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