July 3rd, 2022

Text: Ezekiel 22:30, 22:31, 2 Chronicles 16:9
Minister: Dr. Daniel Olukoya (G.O MFM Worldwide)

More than at any other time, God is looking for violent soldiers that will shake the camp of the enemy, that will depopulate hell fire and populate heaven. There is so much decay going on around us and there is a scarcity of prophets to address them. God was searching for a man or woman to stand in the gap and He could not find. So because He could not find, the result is that He will pour indignation upon them. (Ezekiel 22:31).

Coming to church is good but God wants much more from us. He is looking for warriors, people who will become His battle axe wherever they are. God is searching for such people and when He finds them, He bombards them with power from on high. The scarcity of the power of God in any generation is not the fault of God, it is due to the unavailability of usable men and women of God. Sister, can God use you? Answer the question by yourself. Brother, can God use you in your present state?

You are still bearing grudges, keeping malice, still struggling in the face of the demonic assault against man. They are still begging you to dress properly.

You have not prayed to a level where God takes you to the marine kingdom and you see their dressing. When you see the way they are dressed there and you come back to earth, you will find out that it is not different from how they are dressing here; like fish from the waters. It is because you have not got to that level, that is why you do not understand why God is searching.

It is difficult to understand why those we call prophetesses are all old women, having grey hair. Those ones with dark hair that God is calling, He is finding them unusable. Men look at the face, God looks at the heart. Can God use you? There are so many challenges now; God is looking for men and women who will confront those challenges, who can travail in prayers on their knees, who will go to places and spread the gospel without fear.

If you pray hard and ask God for His own prayer request, you will be surprised that He will talk to you. He will tell you “Son, there is a problem. The labourers are few and the harvest is plenty. Even the few labourers are fighting themselves.” Is this how you are going to continue like this? And then you leave this planet, and God brings out His notebook and says “what is your name?” And you reply “Moses Blessing” and He says “according to our notebook, you are supposed to have converted 100 souls but you came here with nothing. You wasted all your time with fashion. You had no time for God”, can He be happy with you?

God is searching. What will you tell God? That He did not help you? He did not save you? He did not answer your prayers? Why are you pushing your finger into the face of God? Why are you doing something and thinking you can deceive God? You cannot deceive God, you cannot deceive the devil, and at the end of the day, you are just deceiving yourself. You may succeed in deceiving us here, but you cannot deceive heaven. This is a serious cry this morning. God is looking for warriors.

It will be a tragedy to find out after you die that you have wasted your time on earth because you did not do what God called you to do. The Bible says “blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God”. When you have been ordained as a peace maker but you are just causing trouble everywhere, is that the account you are going to give to heaven? You can see that it is a serious cry in the heart of Almighty. God is searching for men and women who want to represent Him.

It is a disgrace when a so-called believer lands in prison for fraud. It is a disgrace when a so called sister of God gets pregnant with the baby of her boss who already has a wife.

But beloveth there are some scanty men of God who weep before God everyday. Men and women who want heavens to open and establish a new order. This scanty number of people see what others do not see, they spend sleepless nights, wetting their pillows with tears because they see the evil in the world and the wastage of the youths.

Can you not see what is happening around? Lives being wasted. This scanty number feels the burden of this world and they watch helplessly as men and women are matching into hell fire in large numbers.

Only a man who feels the weight of sin, sees what is going on and is heavily burdened can walk into the strong room of God with tears and travail for a revival. God is looking for men and women who are willing to devote their lifetime for prayers, those willing to say “shut up” to fetish powers, magic, witch doctors making incantations and they shut up.

Many present day believers need what is called personal spiritual revival. Look at it beloveth. As you walk through the streets these days, what do you see? You see truth has been relegated to the background, it has been dethroned. Falsehood, fake life has become the order the the day. You do not even know a man from a woman. You do not know original body parts from fake parts. Adultery has captured so many people, they drink it like water.

The spirit of fornication has been poured out and many of our preachers unfortunately are just giving tablets to dead men. Many of us, Christians carry the amour of God but without victory. The house of God has been converted to a place of deceit. We have lots of mischievous youths wallowing in sin and thinking they are clever. So instead of them repenting, they keep blaming the devil for everything.

Was it that devil who took you to where you went? Who pushed you to do what you did? Who slept with that girl? Holiness is being thrown away and we have swines and pigs, drinking in the cup of our holy God. We have men and women swimming in vanity. Such a strange thing. A very strange generation. Infact, sometimes I feel sorry for pastors. A generation where they want to enjoy the blessings and avoid the blesser.

They want the charismatic manifestation of the power of God but they do not like Christ like behaviour. They want gifts without the giver. They want to avoid the giver at all costs. They want to embrace the healing power of God and avoid the healer. They want protection but they do not want the protector. Every passing minute, over 200 people go to hell fire. Yet people have not grasped the seriousness of the matter.

The message this morning is this: God is looking for dependable, reliable, trustworthy men and women who will carry the anointing that will touch generations. God is looking for men and women whose words will be their bond, whose heart will flee from iniquity, who will not tell lies in their hearts. Where are these kinds of Christians these days? What kind of Christians do we have now?

This is a serious matter and it is a pain in the heart of God. But if God sees a person, a tongue that is filled without errors, a tongue that is filled with godliness, a man or woman who is revived, a man or woman who likes to live in the presence of God, whose interest is to make heaven, who will not follow a multitude to commit sin, whose affluence is not influenced by the world or money, then God can say He has found somebody. A lot of people ask for the power of God, but you are asking for power of God without consecration.

The more consecrated you are, the more power of God you have. Unfortunately, when God is tired of striving with an obstinate and disobedient child, he leaves the child alone. And that is a very terrible position. He said “as for such who turn aside to their crooked ways, He will no longer strive with them.” Beloveth, imagine being abandoned by God, but that is what is happening to a lot of lukewarm Christians today.

All the pastors here this morning: when last did a member walk up to you and say “pastor, I saw the Lord when I slept”? Instead they have all sorts of bad dreams and evil things. When last did you hear somebody cry out “father I am ready to do what you want me to do. I want to live a life of impact!” One day, all believers will stand before the Lord. The fire will test the work that we do. Not how much work but the kind of work we do. You are singing but in sin, interpreting in bitterness, ushering in malice. It is not the quantity but the quality.

I am hoping that there will be somebody here who will say “Father, write down my name, when I leave this planet, I want people to say ‘a man or woman of God passed through this place’”. Beloveth what a disgrace. The Bible says “I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh, your sons and daughters shall prophesy…” How many of you here prophesy? “….your handmaidens and manservants also shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams..”.

How many old people here are dreaming divine dreams? “….your young men shall see visions”. How many young people are seeing any reasonable visions? You are so interested and glued to the things of the world that you cannot even see what is happening in heaven. Do you really want to continue like this, when heaven is crying day and night “I need warriors, whom shall I send?”? Those that should be sent are not serious.

[Before Message]
1. Powers that do not want to see me at the top, die! in the name of Jesus.
2. Powers, challenging my lifting up, you are liars, die in the name of Jesus.
3. Power of the desert, come out of my life, in the name of Jesus.
4. Doors that will make my mockers bow, open for me now, in the name of Jesus.
5. Doors that will make people rush to my God, open for me now, in the name of Jesus.
6. Powers working hard to keep me small, expire in the name of Jesus.

[After Message]
My father, I am available; make me your battle axe, in the name of Jesus!

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