Commuters panic as gunmen rob motorists on Lagos-Ibadan expressway (video)

Motorists were on Wednesday morning, August 10, robbed at Lagos-Ibadan expressway. 

Eyewitnesses told Punch newspaper that the robbery incident occurred between 5.00 am and 6:15am on the long bridge, near Warewa bus stop, making motorists to abandon their vehicles. 

A passenger of one of the buses plying the road at the time, Abayomi disclosed that the police arrived at the scene of the robbery, but he was not sure of the police division at the time of the report. 

He said; ” There was a robbery and because of the robbery, people out of fear began to run. Some people hit the cars of others. Someone is lying on the ground lifeless, and we heard that someone was killed.

“We were not able to move close, buses were turning back. The police have come there now, but it took a while before they came.”

 Divisional Police Officer at the Warewa Police Station, Abdulfathai Ogunsanya who also confirmed the incident said; “My men are at the scene of the crime now. We have not got any comprehensive report so we cannot tell you whether someone was killed or not.

 ” I just spoke to the officer on the scene. He said that nobody died. A vehicle was shattered and the person involved is in the hospital receiving treatment as we speak.”

watch a video from the scene.

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