BBnaijaS7 HOH, Eloswag, Nominates seven Level 2 Housemates for eviction (Video)

BBNaijaS7 level 1 housemate Eloswag emerged the new Head of House for this week after the HoH games and while he was called into the diary room by biggie, he nominated seven housemates for possible eviction for this week.

He noted that he was happy about winning the HoH title but was saddened by the fact that he had to Nominate the Level 2 Housemates for possible Eviction. Biggie then asked if he would also like to Nominate his fellow Level 1 Housemate, but he turned down the offer. He then went on to Nominate the following Level 2 Housemates and gave a reason for each Nomination. 

Chizzy: Eloswag said he was Nominating Chizzy because he took the competition between the Levels too personal and was getting angry at his Level mates for no reason.

Kess: Eloswag said Kess felt too relaxed hence the reason why he was Nominating him. 

Daniella: Eloswag’s reason for Nominating Daniella was that she was probably not happy being in the House without Khalid and was also a strong contender in the Arena Games.

Modella: Eloswag told Biggie he was Nominating Modella because he wanted to test the strength of her fan base.

Pharmsavi: Eloswag’s reason for putting him up was that he had not been up for possible Eviction before. 

However, because HoH Eloswag had Nominated Rider Chizzy and Fake Housemate Modella, Big Brother kept it going, taking him to the sixth and seventh Housemate respectively. This left Eloswag with no choice but to think on his feet, resulting in Amaka and Groovy facing the dagger.

Amaka: As for Amaka, Eloswag said he did not have a solid reason for putting her up. 

Groovy: Eloswag said he was putting Groovy up for possible Eviction because he wanted to know how strong he was.

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