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Top 15 Free Opensource Call Center Software 2023

Best Opensource Call Center Software: Open-source call center software is an innovative solution that embodies the principles of collaboration and transparency. It refers to programs whose source code is freely available to the public. In the context of call centers, the software used to manage and handle customer interactions can be accessed, modified, and distributed by anyone interested in contributing to its development.

Features of Opensource Call Center Software: The beauty of open-source call center software lies in its interactive nature. It encourages users, developers, and organizations to participate in its improvement and customization actively. Rather than relying solely on a closed, proprietary system, open-source call center software allows for continuous refinement and enhancement based on the needs and feedback of a broad community.

Uses of Opensource Call Center Software: Open-source call center software offers various uses and benefits for organizations in managing customer interactions. Open-source call center software allows for intelligent call routing and distribution, ensuring customer calls are directed to the most appropriate agents or departments. This helps improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by quickly minimizing wait times and connecting customers with the right resources. Other importance of Open-source call center software include call Monitoring and Analytics, Agent Management and Performance Tracking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration, Outbound Dialing and Campaign Management, Customization and Integration, and Cost Savings and Scalability.

Top 15 Free Opensource Call Center Software 2023

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must provide excellent customer service. One way to do this is to use call center software. Call center software can help businesses to manage their calls more effectively, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Many different call center software solutions are available on the market, but not all are created equal. Some solutions are expensive, while others are not as feature-rich. Several options are available if you are looking for a free, open-source call center software solution. Here are the top 15 free, open-source call center software solutions for 2023:

1. 3CX

Envision yourself equipped with call center software that allows you to manage all your customer interactions. That’s precisely what you get with 3CX. You’ll like how simple it is to set up call routing, record calls for quality control purposes, and manage your team of agents. The web-based control panel is so simple to use; you won’t need to be a computer whiz to set it up. In addition, 3CX works perfectly with your customer relationship management system, providing your agents with all the background information they need to provide customized service. And with modern tools like phone barging and whispering, you may participate in real-time calls to supervise quality control. Try out 3CX for yourself to see how powerful and adaptable it is and how it can transform your call center.

2. Asterisk

Allowing for extensive personalization, Asterisk is an open-source telephony technology that we’ll be using to delve into the world of telephony and communication. You can design your call center infrastructure from the ground up with Asterisk. Its flexible features, such as interactive voice response (IVR) and call routing, allow you to create the ideal call flow, whether you’re fielding incoming or outgoing calls. Asterisk’s extensibility enables it to serve as the nerve center of your organization’s communication system. Asterisk can do it all, from conferencing to call recording. With Asterisk in the driver’s seat, you can design a call center that suits your company’s needs perfectly.

3. FreePBX

Get ready to streamline your call center operations with FreePBX, an open-source PBX platform that simplifies communication management. With FreePBX, you can create a fully functional call center without the hefty price tag. Enjoy features like call routing, voicemail, and queuing, ensuring efficient call handling. Integrate FreePBX with popular CRM systems for seamless customer data management. The user-friendly interface empowers you to easily configure and monitor your call center without a tech expert. Whether a small business or a growing enterprise, FreePBX provides the tools you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences while keeping costs low. It’s time to take control of your call center with FreePBX.

4. Zoho Desk

Take your call center to the next level with Zoho Desk, a comprehensive cloud-based help desk software that offers powerful call center functionality. With Zoho Desk, you can efficiently manage customer interactions and provide top-notch support. Experience seamless call routing, allowing you to easily direct calls to the right agents. Create personalized call scripts to ensure consistent and accurate customer service. Gain valuable insights with call analytics to track call volumes, response times, and agent performance. Integrating with other Zoho applications, such as CRM, enhances productivity and enables a holistic view of customer interactions. With Zoho Desk, delivering exceptional customer support has never been easier.

5. VICIdial

Get ready to supercharge your call center operations with VICIdial, a powerful open-source call center suite. VICIdial offers a plethora of features designed to optimize your customer interactions. Whether you’re handling inbound or outbound calls, VICIdial has got you covered. With its predictive dialing capabilities, you can maximize agent productivity and minimize idle time. Take advantage of call recording and monitoring to ensure quality control and provide valuable feedback to your agents. The comprehensive reporting and analytics features offer insights into call center performance, helping you make data-driven decisions. With VICIdial’s robust functionality, you can streamline your call center processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

6. Amazon Connect

Step into the realm of cloud-based call center solutions with Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is a powerful and scalable contact center service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Amazon Connect, you can easily set up a feature-rich call center without complex infrastructure or upfront investments.

One of the standout features of Amazon Connect is its flexibility. It allows you to design your call flows, set up interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and route calls to the most suitable agents based on their skills or availability. The intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to configure and modify your call center settings per your evolving needs. Amazon Connect also offers seamless integration with other AWS services, enabling you to leverage additional functionalities such as speech recognition, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis. These integrations help you enhance customer interactions and gain valuable insights from call data.

In terms of security, Amazon Connect provides robust measures to safeguard your call center operations. It adheres to industry-standard security practices and compliance certifications, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of customer data.

Furthermore, Amazon Connect offers real-time and historical analytics, allowing you to monitor call center performance, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions and continuously improve your call center operations.

7. Goautodial

Empower your call center operations with Goautodial, a comprehensive open-source call center suite built on the CentOS platform. Goautodial combines the power of popular open-source software like Asterisk and VICIdial to deliver a feature-rich solution for inbound and outbound call management. With Goautodial, you can access a range of essential call center features. Auto-dialing functionality automates the dialing process, increasing agent productivity and maximizing call volumes. Call recording capabilities enable you to monitor and review conversations for quality assurance and training.

Campaign management tools allow you to efficiently handle outbound campaigns, track performance, and manage leads. Real-time monitoring gives supervisors insights into ongoing calls, empowering them to provide immediate support and guidance to agents. Goautodial’s intuitive user interface makes configuring and managing your call center operations easy. You can set up call routing rules, design interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and define agent scripts to ensure consistent customer interactions.

8. Flexydial

Imagine having a call center solution that adapts to your unique business needs. That’s where Flexydial comes in. With Flexydial, you can customize your call center operations exactly how you want them. Create personalized call flows, set up IVR menus, and route calls intelligently. The user-friendly interface puts you in control, allowing you to make changes on the fly. Monitor agent performance, track call metrics, and gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting. Flexydial’s flexibility and scalability ensure your call center can grow with your business. Say goodbye to rigid systems and embrace a call center solution that bends to your will—Flexydial.

9. MiaRec

Introducing MiaRec, a comprehensive call recording and quality management solution for your call center. With MiaRec, you can capture and securely store all your call center interactions for compliance, training, and performance evaluation purposes. The advanced features of MiaRec allow you to effortlessly search, retrieve, and playback recorded calls, empowering you to efficiently handle customer inquiries and disputes. The quality management capabilities enable supervisors to monitor agent performance, provide valuable feedback, and improve customer satisfaction. MiaRec integrates seamlessly with various PBX systems, ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure. Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable call recording and quality management—choose MiaRec for your call center.

10. Avaya Aura

Enter the world of Avaya Aura, a powerful and innovative communication platform designed to transform your call center operations. Avaya Aura combines various communication channels, including voice, video, messaging, and more, into a unified and seamless experience. With Avaya Aura, you can efficiently handle inbound and outbound calls, route them intelligently, and enhance customer interactions.

The scalability of Avaya Aura allows your call center to grow alongside your business, adapting to changing needs and expanding agent capacity. It offers advanced features like automated call distribution, interactive voice response (IVR), and real-time reporting to optimize call handling and agent productivity.

Avaya Aura’s extensive integration capabilities enable seamless connectivity with your existing CRM, allowing agents to access customer information and history in real time, improving personalized service and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, its robust security features protect sensitive customer data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

11. Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud is the cutting edge of cloud-based call center systems. Genesys Cloud is a state-of-the-art system that dramatically improves both customer interaction and agent efficiency. Provide an omnichannel experience for your customers by connecting with them via voice, chat, email, and social media using Genesys Cloud. The intelligent routing features of the platform route each consumer to the best available agent in terms of their specific needs, as determined by their profile information and previous interactions. Wait times are decreased, more issues are solved on the first call, and overall customer happiness rises due to this improvement.

The workforce management features in Genesys Cloud allow you to plan and organize your agents’ shifts in a way that guarantees adequate coverage and satisfies SLAs. Data-driven decisions and constant enhancement are made possible with real-time analytics and reporting on call center performance.

Genesys Cloud is built on collaboration, allowing agents, supervisors, and subject matter experts to communicate effectively with tools like team chat, file sharing, and screen sharing. The ability to work together, solve problems, and make quick, informed decisions is much improved in this setting.

12. NICE inContact Engage

You have entered the world of unified and painless communication known as Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM). Having UCM gives you more options for communicating with your staff, vendors, and clients. Imagine accessing your voicemail, video chats, messages, and online status from a single interface. UCM streamlines interaction and increases efficiency by centralizing all of these contact methods. Do you need to arrange a video or phone meeting? UCM will meet your needs. UCM is scalable and secure so that it can expand with your company. Use Cisco Unified Communications Manager to utilize unified communication and boost your team’s productivity.

13. Unified Communications Manager

The world of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM), where seamless and unified communication is here for you. With UCM, you can communicate with coworkers, partners, and clients in a variety of ways. Imagine having one platform to instantly access voice conversations, video conferencing, texting, and presence data. By combining all of these channels, UCM makes communication simpler while promoting productive collaboration. Want to arrange a conference call or participate in a video meeting? UCM will take care of you. UCM is equipped to expand with your organization thanks to its scalability and robust security features. With Cisco Unified Communications Manager, embrace the potential of unified communication and achieve a new level of cooperation.


Learn about the power of, a flexible cloud-based phone system that transforms your company’s communications. You can manage your calls, messages, and faxes with anytime, from any location. Consider a virtual phone system with various capabilities, including call routing, voicemail, conference calling, and call recording. Whether your company is small or expanding, can quickly scale to meet your demands. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to control your communication preferences, and its integration skills guarantee easy connectivity with your current products. Reject outmoded phone systems and embrace’s adaptability and effectiveness.

15. RingCentral

With RingCentral, a premier cloud-based business phone system, enter a world of seamless communication. You may connect and communicate using a variety of channels all from one platform with RingCentral. Imagine being able to reach teams and clients anywhere in the world with ease by making audio and video conversations, sending messages, and organizing online meetings. RingCentral’s user-friendly mobile software and design keep you linked while you’re out and about, assuring productivity and responsiveness. You may streamline your communication procedures and improve client experiences with tools like phone forwarding, auto-attendant, and team messaging. With RingCentral, you can embrace the future of business communication and achieve a new level of productivity and cooperation.


A call center software solution can significantly enhance customer service and streamline communication processes. The above-mentioned free and open-source call center software options for 2023 provide businesses with a cost-effective way to manage customer interactions. Whether you need basic call routing or advanced call center functionalities, these software solutions offer a range of features to suit different business requirements. Consider exploring these options to find the one that best aligns with your organization’s needs and embark on a journey toward efficient customer service.