3 lessons learned from Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the type of entrepreneur that anyone would aspire to be like. He makes things happen. Today Tesla is one of the most valued car companies in just a couple of years of its launch. And then Spacex, and then the boring company, even if a lot of persons argue that these companies are not profitable, they represent the future, and Elon Musk is building the future a lot of persons could only dream of.

I consider myself a low budget version of Elon Musk, I am not yet rich but Musk is someone I look up to. Here are 5 personal lessons from Elon Musk.

Don’t take life too serious

Elon is not a serious person, I don’t know if you see him this way. One of the qualities that attracted me to him was that he doesn’t seem to take life too seriously, coupled with the fact that he does not even believe that reality exists. According to him, we are living in a simulation. You see him smoking on a podcast or even conducting meme review on Youtube and wonder what kind of billionaire is he.

From Elon Musk I learnt that for one to succeed, he must define reality by himself and not let others dictate what reality is to him. This is the more reason why he is not affected by people who tell him his projects are not going to work. He commercialised electric cars, and also made space exploration easier with SpaceX. These were all the things people termed impossible, but he made it possible by defining his own reality.

Self promotion is not a sin

Musk does a lot of self-promotion and is currently riding the waves of mainstream media. Despite not spending any dime on ads, he gets a lot of attention from the media and fans who are doing the promotion for him. To Elon Musk, advertising starts with the product, if you can get a remarkable product, people will not only love it but will recommend their friends also.

When you go to Facebook, there are dozens of groups dedicated to Elon Musk and Tesla lovers, and these groups are organic. Elon Musk is a sort of personality cult, I know alot of friends who adore him so much to the point of worshipping him.

On Twitter, Elon tweets memes, random facts, new SpaceX and Tesla unveiling. He just knows how to keep his audience engaged and occasionally does customer service by attending to disgruntled Tesla users. He is the kind of person I want to be like.

Deep Work

A lot of things Musk achieved was as a result of his passion and commitment towards getting things done, his biography speaks of how he works more than 58 hours a week and even have to sleep in the office during his early entrepreneurial days. You learn a lot from Musk and his in-depth knowledge of his craft. He is more like a combination of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, he has this in-depth knowledge and the willpower to bring something into accomplishment.

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