Privacy Policy

At pune, we share information to help young African Entrepreneurs and we also have a privacy policy for our website to enable users understand how the website affects their privacy based on the type of information and data collected while using the site.

Cookies and site use does not collect user data and share these data without first getting proper authorisation from the user. Data collected from the user in form of cookies are used to enhance user experience on the site and booster proper site navigation. These data are not in any way transferrable to third party or used for advertising purposes.

Facebook pixels and plugins

At, we have installed a Facebook pixels to help us properly target audience of young African Entrepreneurs and also discover young people who are interested in tech. This information is not also transferrable to any other third party application and only stays on our Facebook ads manager to help us make future decisions on marketing and advertising.

The plugins on this website, are in compliance with the privacy policy of this website, We ensure that the information collected by these plugins only stay relevant on our Website and try as much as possible to run checks and disable plugins that are not in compliance to this.

Membership and registration

Every young African above the age of 14 is eligible to register and participate in the forums to contribute and give out ideas that will move our continent forward.

While using the forum, we frown at cyberbulling, extortion and sexual harassment. Any user found guilty of such may be exterminated from the forum depending on the degree of offence and this decision will be reached by administrator and moderators of the website.

This privacy policy was last updated on Thursday 6th February and is subject to moderation.