20 best life experience bachelors degree online


See the 20 best life experience bachelor’s degree online programs, offering a flexible and personalized approach to higher education.


Many online universities understand the importance of recognizing life experiences as valuable assets. Look for programs that offer life experience credits, allowing you to leverage your skills and knowledge gained outside the classroom.


1. University of Florida Online:


Known for its top-ranked online programs, the University of Florida Online offers various bachelor’s degrees, providing a flexible learning environment that accommodates diverse life experiences.

2. Arizona State University Online:

ASU Online stands out for its innovative approach to online education. Their bachelor’s degree programs are designed to adapt to your schedule and recognize the value of your life experiences.

3. Oregon State University Ecampus:

Offering a range of online degrees, Oregon State University’s Ecampus emphasizes the importance of life experiences in the learning process, making it an excellent choice for non-traditional students.

4. Western Governors University:

WGU’s competency-based programs allow you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, accelerating your progress and earning a degree based on your life experiences.

5. Liberty University Online:

Liberty University Online provides a Christ-centered education with a focus on accommodating students from all walks of life, making it a great option for those seeking a faith-based online education.

6. Southern New Hampshire University Online:

SNHU Online offers a variety of bachelor’s degree programs with a strong emphasis on real-world applications, recognizing the value of your life experiences in the learning journey.

7. Excelsior College:

With a commitment to serving adult learners, Excelsior College offers online bachelor’s degree programs that allow you to translate your life experiences into academic success.

8. Colorado State University Global:

CSU Global’s online programs are designed to meet the needs of adult learners, providing a platform to showcase your life experiences and earn a respected bachelor’s degree.

9. Thomas Edison State University:

TESU’s flexible online programs acknowledge the significance of life experiences, allowing you to customize your degree and receive credit for your prior knowledge.

10. Penn State World Campus:

Renowned for its online education programs, Penn State World Campus offers bachelor’s degrees that integrate your life experiences into a comprehensive learning framework.

11. University of Illinois Springfield Online:

UIS Online provides a variety of online bachelor’s degrees that recognize the diverse backgrounds of its students, fostering a supportive environment for non-traditional learners.

12. Regis University Online:

Regis University Online offers a personalized approach to education, allowing you to leverage your life experiences and earn a bachelor’s degree that aligns with your goals.

13. Champlain College Online:

Champlain College Online’s bachelor’s degree programs are designed to accommodate the unique experiences of adult learners, emphasizing hands-on learning and real-world applications.

14. Drexel University Online:

Drexel University Online provides a range of bachelor’s degree programs that acknowledge the importance of life experiences, offering a flexible and supportive online learning environment.

15. Florida International University Online:

FIU Online’s bachelor’s degree programs are tailored to the needs of working professionals and non-traditional students, allowing you to earn a degree that reflects your unique journey.

16. Northeastern University Online:

Northeastern University’s online programs are structured to meet the demands of adult learners, recognizing the value of life experiences in shaping your educational path.

17. University of Massachusetts Online:

UMass Online offers diverse bachelor’s degree programs that acknowledge and celebrate the varied life experiences of its students, creating an inclusive learning environment.

18. Grand Canyon University Online:

Grand Canyon University Online provides a supportive online learning community that values the life experiences of its students, allowing you to earn a respected bachelor’s degree.

19. Bellevue University Online:

Bellevue University Online offers a range of bachelor’s degree programs designed for adult learners, recognizing the importance of life experiences in the pursuit of higher education.

20. University of Phoenix – Bachelor of Science in Management:

The University of Phoenix offers a unique online program that recognizes and values life experiences, allowing students to leverage their skills in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Management. This program focuses on leadership and practical business applications, making it an ideal choice for professionals with substantial work experience.

These 5 best life experience bachelor’s degree online programs provide a diverse range of options for individuals seeking to leverage their real-world knowledge. Whether you’re interested in business, healthcare, technology, or social sciences, these programs offer flexibility, recognition of experience, and the opportunity to advance your career. Explore these innovative online programs to unlock new possibilities and take the next step in your educational journey.