Fix Binkw32 DLL Error – How To Repair Binkw32 DLL Games Errors?


DLL files play a vital role to help different programs or applications to function properly in the system. The same goes for Bink32.dll as well which is used by the ‘Bink Video Codec’ to render various graphic features either in games or in video playback. But at times this DLL files cause Binkw32.dll error which is generally due to corrupt, incorrect and damaged settings which prevent the computer system to read this dynamic link library file correctly. This error message subjected to occur when user tries to play games on user’s system like Battlefield 2142, BioShock, Broken Sword 4, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Ragnarok, Empire Earth II, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, DarkRO, Age of Conan etc.

What are the causes behind Binkw32.dll error?

It may surprise you to know that, this error message is not caused due to the missing of this particular file rather it actually occurs because the computer is unable to read the file which the games and other videos are required two display the high-end graphics. Users are likely to get error messages which is very much similar to the one as mentioned below –

— “Binkw32.dll Not Found.”

— “Could not load Binkw32.dll. Reinstalling this application may fix this error.”

— “Bink.dll Is Missing.” etc.

The best way to resolve this error is basically by repairing the problem that the system or the program that may have. Actually this issue is mainly caused due to the Windows that does not knows the correct position or location of the file due to which it fails to read the file from its desired location. In order to fix this issue user just need to resolve any of the potential issue that the computer may have.

How to fix Binkw32.dll error from PC?

— Uninstall and reinstall the games causing the error – If you are familiar with the game that is causing this error to occur then to resolve it up you need to uninstall it first and the reinstall the game again. Doing this will replace the entire existing file and install the new files freshly which will definitely help you to get rid of binkw32.dll error. If it does not work completely then it is best to start the repair process again.

— Update the game version – If you noticed that the previous step does not worked then it might be the games version which is incompatible. So, just update the game which will install fresh updates of your game and will certainly resolve the issue. To do this just go to the official website of the game developer and locate the ‘Download’ section, from where you can easily download the latest updates of the game and can update the game easily.

— Copy the Binkw32.dll File from the game’s CD – This is the manual method of replacing the Bink DLL file which Windows might not be able to locate it in the system and manually placing the DLL file at its desired location will certainly help the user to find the file and resolve the issue.

— Clean or repair the Windows Registry – As it might be known to you that Windows registry is the ultimate database which keeps the track of all kinds of files installed in the PC including DLL files. It also helps the program to find the correct location of the desired file required to perform particular task. So, cleaning and repairing registry will not only help user to fix Binkw32.dll error but also to enhance the overall performance of the system.


Source by Nancy Prince Johnson

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