Here’s How To Get Scholarships For Indian Students To Study Abroad!


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Tired of searching ‘scholarships for Indian students to study abroad’ or ‘how to get a scholarship to study abroad?’Are you still wondering how to get the scholarship letter that you deserve? Or what are the ways of getting scholarships for Indian students to study abroad? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.


Scholarships are an important aspect of the entire application process for a student who aspires to go abroad for their further education. For students all over the world, there are an innumerable amount of options to avail of scholarships and financial aid. The first option is tapping into the scholarship facilities of the university you are applying for. Each university has initiatives to provide their best candidates with financial aid, and applying for these gives the students a good chance. Students belonging to developing nations also have special scholarships awarded by the universities.


In addition, there are many scholarship programs in different countries like the Tata Scholarships, Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships, GREAT Scholarships, etc. Here’s how Indian students get scholarships to study abroad. Use the tips below to get your scholarship to study abroad,

Start Early
Applying for a scholarship needs a great deal of groundwork starting with researching the broad range of options, identifying the most appropriate choices, preparing a convincing application and much more! The sooner you start, the better you’ll manage the workload and avoid any last-minute panic situations. We recommend you start building your profile at least 3-4 years prior to applying.

Do your research
Every institution will have its own set of norms and conditions regarding grants and awards. They could be merit-based, need based, subject based, nationality based etc. Consider where you realistically fit in before finalizing your options. One of the best sources of financial aid can be the college you attend, so make sure you thoroughly explore the options they have available and how you can sign up for it.

Read the fine Print
Have a clear understanding of what the scholarship guidelines entail. For example, if I win the scholarship do I need to maintain a minimum GPA? Or does the scholarship only fund tuition or will it cover all expenses associated with study abroad. Are you expected to return back to India after completing the program? Make sure you read the fine print!

Polish Your Writing Skills
An exceptionally well written essay will convey the calibre of the writer. Aim to make your write-up near perfect so that you become a natural choice of the scholarship committee. Practice writing every day, focus on your content, argument, organization of ideas, structure and above all grammatical accuracy

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