How to Backup & Burn Wii Games


Backing up Wii games and then burning them is actually pretty simple if you have the right tools and knowledge. In a nutshell, the process is basically as follows: you first need to download the game data as an ISO, and then burn that ISO onto a new disc.

This is done by using a tool called imgBurn, which is available from the Internet (just Google “imgburn” to download it). ImgBurn is a utility which allows you to copy discs, “rip” data from discs and burn ISO’s to discs. It’s a complete solution to backing up your games and is the main component of this tutorial.

To get started, you first need to put the Wii game disc into your DVD drive. There are rumors that you need to have a specific drive to read Wii games, but the only way to find out if yours does it to put the game in and see if imgBurn will rip it. After you’ve put the game into your PC, you then need to download & install imgBurn. This will allow you to download the game data from the game and put it onto your PC as an ISO file.

Once you’ve installed imgBurn, simply load it up and then find the “rip CD” option. Click it and then let it proceed in downloading the ISO file to your PC. If all goes to plan, you should be able to see that a 4GB file is now on your PC. This is where the Wii game has been downloaded to your hard drive and is ready to be burnt.

To then burn this to a backup disc, you then need to load up imgBurn again, and this time click on the “burn from ISO” option. This will allow you to put the game data from your PC onto a blank disc, and in selecting this option, you will actually be able to put the game data onto a blank DVD. You just need to select the ISO file from the game and then get imgBurn to burn it to disc. An important note here is that you should burn your new disc using 4X write speed, as this has the highest success rate.

Although this tutorial should work, there are some other parts to the puzzle which will help increase your chances of being able to backup & burn Wii games. You need to be able do several important things to your PC and your console in order to get it working 100% of the time, and that’s where some more advanced tutorials are needed.


Source by Jack Hoffmann

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