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The release of the PlayStation 3 console (a.k.a PS3) has certainly taken gaming to another level. The PS3 has transformed gaming with breathtaking graphics and super fast processing power that only a few years ago were found on IBM super computers. With all this technology offered by the PS3, gaming has certainly taken on a new meaning. However these capabilities come at a cost especially when you consider purchasing games, if these games get damaged you can pay 60 to 100 dollars to replace them. To prevent this you can copy PS3 games thus protecting your originals.

If you look on the internet or participate in PS3 gaming forums you’ll find lots of information of this topic. You most likely have dvd burner software already on your PC but you’ll find that when you insert your PS3 game into the burner, the software won’t recognise it.

Fortunately there this software out there that can backup PS3 games, the process is quite simple, all you need is a PC with dvd burner and special PS3 copying software. Another thing to take into consideration is the brand of blank dvds to copy ps3 games. I personally like Sony or Verbatim and have had good results with these. Using cheap dvd blanks can result in loss of quality of your PS3 copies.

To burn PS3 games, firstly put the game into the dvd burner and select the option (which is found in most dvd burner software) to create a image of the game. This process can take about 20-30 minutes depending on the computers CPU and dvd burner speed. After the image is created remove the PS3 game and in insert a blank dvd into your dvd burner and copy the PS3 game image onto the blank dvd.

It should take 10 to 20 minutes to burn PS3 games to blank dvd its easier than you think!

Burning you PS3 games has its benefits and can save you lots of money and in a matter of hours you can have all your PS3 games backed up allowing you to preserve your originals.


Source by Patrick Kaa

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