How to Get Music RSS Feeds on Your PSP




The abilities of the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) just get

increased as time marches on. Although it already serves as a media player,

playing your favorite music and videos in PSP format, the PSP can also

play streaming audio content. That means that you can learn how to get music RSS

fees on your PSP. This article shows you how.


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a format that allows your PSP,

when connected to the Internet, to grab information on the web and use it. RSS

was initially used as a tool to grab content of specific websites and compile

updates, that way you won’t have to keep browsing several websites just to check

for new blog of news post. The RSS will check for you and load up the changes.

It does the same for the PSP. If you can just make you PC into a server by

installing the needed software, you can learn to get music RSS feeds on

your PSP.


If your PSP is already connected to the Internet, you can start getting

music feeds via RSS into your PSP. Just select an RSS channel under a

network. Your PSP system will connect itself through an access point and then

automatically check for new stuff on certain sites. The new content is then

updated so you’d know if there are new stuff.

This means your music folders in your PC can be streamed via the Internet

to your PSP, or you can get audio streams for websites on the net. After

you select the update item on your PSP, the RSS music fee begins and plays on

your PSP.

How cool is that? Now you know how the RSS music fee on the PSP

works. Have fun going online and listening to your favorite tunes on your PSP!


Source by Betty Crosby