Midway University starts online/hybrid format for nursing degree program

LEXINGTON, KY – Midway University has announced a significant expansion of its Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program by introducing an online/hybrid model. This innovative approach integrates the University’s advanced online management system, providing a new avenue of learning for nursing students.

Dr. Diane Chlebowy, Dean of the School of Health Sciences at Midway University, underscored the importance of this development. “The introduction of the online/hybrid format in our ADN program marks a pivotal moment in our mission to make quality nursing education more accessible,” said Dr. Chlebowy. She emphasized that the new model is designed to cater to a broader audience, specifically benefiting students residing far from the campus and those requiring a more flexible learning schedule.

With this addition, Midway University now offers three distinct formats for its ADN program: the traditional daytime, on-campus format; an evening on-campus format; and the newly launched online/hybrid format. This strategic expansion is expected to address the growing need for flexible and accessible nursing education options.

The online/hybrid model combines the convenience of online coursework with periodic on-campus sessions, ensuring that students receive both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This blend aims to maintain the rigorous standards of nursing education while providing students with the flexibility to manage their studies alongside personal and professional commitments.

Midway University’s decision to diversify its nursing program delivery methods comes at a time when the demand for skilled nursing professionals continues to rise. By offering multiple learning pathways, the University is poised to contribute significantly to the healthcare sector by preparing a larger number of qualified nursing graduates ready to enter the workforce.

For more information about the program and enrollment details, prospective students can visit Midway University’s website or contact the admissions office.

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