Play Free Scrabble Game – How to Play Free Scrabble Against Computer With Full Unlimited PC Version




This article is about how to play word games on your PC with Scrabble Plus. There are a number of computer versions of the original board game. But with this adaptation you not only get to play the traditional board game against your computer, but this PC version also has additional game play modes.


Play Scrabble Against the Computer with 4 Unique Modes


  • Classic Mode – allows you to play as you would the original, with the same rules and method of play. Each player takes it in turns to place their letter tiles on the board from their rack of tiles to make the best word score. The usual double and triple points apply, i.e. when the player places tiles on premium squares of the board or for using premium letters.
  • Golf Mode – where you must make the longest words in order to reach the green.
  • Battle Mode – use strategic word play to take on a challenging opponent.
  • Wizard Mode – test your word skills in this mode which also includes the popular Clabbers tournament.

Bonuses of Playing Scrabble on your PC

1. There is a two player option so you can compete against another person on the same computer.

2. You also have to choice of 8 A.I. opponents, so that you can play Scrabble against the computer, anytime you wish.

3. These 8 A.I. players, have ranging difficulty levels (from beginner to genius), which means you can chose how tough you want your opposing player to be.

4. Which means this caters for new as well as experienced players.

5. This is also a great way to develop your word power and playing skills.

6. The virtual board and layout of the interface is simple to use and well thought out.

7. There are also useful features such as the hints system and the instant validation function, to help you become a better player. You can choose to have these options on or off. Plus there is also the built in official dictionary – so you can instantly check your opponents words before any major dispute arises!

8. The additional game modes allows you to play quick word games anytime you like.

9. The tournament mode will keep track of your previous scores and gives you the opportunity to view your progress and try to better it to move up the table.

10. You can still play the classic version of this game either against another person or play against the computer opponents.

This computer version not only stays true to the original family gaming fun. It has also improved on the classic with useful modern features and multiple gaming modes. Plus this is a computer word game that caters for beginners and more experienced players.


Source by Vee Berrie