Facebook ads are not converting. What you should do

Facebook ads are not converting, and I am not here to share tips on how to get it working and converting very fine. It’s been happening a lot lately and a lot of persons think Mark is stealing their money.

When you run a Facebook ad driving traffic to your website and all of a sudden the number of persons reported to be clicking your link are not corresponding with your website analytics, let’s say 200 persons visited your Landing page from Facebook, but only about 30 persons are showing on your website analytics. Jetpack, Monsterinsights or even Google Analytics is not corresponding with the ad results.

What should you do about Facebook Low Conversion?

I could have asked you to change your ad images or landing page link or even avoid using url shorteners like bit.ly that might end up redirecting your links a few more times before taking the person to the landing page, thereby adding additional clicks, but a lot of persons have tried this. It worked, sometimes it never really worked. Mark Zuckerberg needs to do something about this.

Focus on engagement campaign

I know this advice might sound bizarre considering the fact that engagement campaign brings about the least clicks, justs likes and occasional comment. But this campaign has been proven to work magic in branding and bringing your business the necessary awareness required.

With an engagement campaign, you can reach out to as many potential customers as possible at the lowest cost while not trying to look like a sellout. Maybe it is time to shift the focus from selling something to building an audience and network of people that will love your brand product and service.

With an engagement campaign, your audience gets to know your product and services better and even refer their friends to patronize. Everything is not about selling, you can incorporate visual storytelling and eye-catching graphics that speak to your audience need. Remember the internet is a distracting place where a lot of o businesses are doing everything possible to get customer attention.

How to get started with engagement campaign

Get a graphics illustrator and brand expert who will work on your visual storytelling. This person will also be in charge of your visual content. A graphics designer can do a good job in making sure the logo, banner and fliers on Facebook, Instagram and even your website properly represent your business and can meet the need of your target audience.

Remember, we are in the audience economy, the only way to keep customers hooked to your business is to constantly meet their need and demand in a visual way.

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