Hell’s Kitchen – The PC Game Review


The PC game version of Hell’s Kitchen is a lot of fun for the fans of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking show. The game itself is interesting and has a range of difficulty levels. There is more to this game than meets the spatula. You are not just a cook anymore.

Like many time management games, Hell’s Kitchen starts off easy while you learn the controls and the gist of what you are supposed to be cooking up. You learn about cutting all the vegetables and the other delicate preparations that are needed to make your glorious feast come out perfect. Once you have passed that level the game becomes harder than you might expect as you do not have the secondary help of Jean-Phillipe for running the dining room like you might expect if you watch the show.

One of the challenging aspects of the Hell’s Kitchen game is that you are not able to stay in the kitchen and prepare wonderful creations for edifying the taste buds. You are stuck doing the work yourself, You get help from your wait staff, but only so far as you know how to direct them. Although your help does increase as you become more skilled, you are still making a mad dash to keep from burning down your restaurant and losing valuable customers. Not to mention ruining your sweet delicacies that you have concocted.

Watch out! You do not want to overcook the vegetables or you will be the target of Chef Ramsay’s voice and although he does not say quite the same things as his television show, it is a daunting experience nonetheless and quite distracting as you are trying to save the rest of your orders. The Hell’s Kitchen game is about timing (as usual with cooking and time management games), just like real life cooking. Not only do you have to prepare the meal correctly, and in the right order, you have to do it so that EVERY order for one table is finished at the same time. So be sure to hone your time management skills.

Although the main focus of the Hell’s Kitchen game is the cooking skills, it is also about management and gives you an idea of what running a restaurant is like. In fact, as your skill increases (do not forget to prep the meat!), and your levels raise, you will be required to run not one but two kitchens at once! But don’t be discouraged. As you finish a level, you get one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s personal recipes for your private collection. Talk about a bonus! It almost makes up for him yelling at you as your customers are leaving. If you like dash games like Cooking Dash, Cake Mania or Diner Dash, this takes it to the next level!


Source by Kimberly Joy

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